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BayernImmo Project: Trudi 160

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Residential Housing construction project in Munich, Berg am Laim: Trudi160

In cooperation with our project partner Pöttinger Immobiliengruppe the construction of  a modern residential housing complex in Berg am Laim, München is being realized. This building will meet KfW-efficiency house-70 standards and consist of approximately 5.244 m² living space. The 69 apartments will be either financed through third-party funding or government subsidies and developed in accordance to the most current standards. The sizes of the one to four room apartments reach from 33 m² to 126 m². The distribution of these high-quality apartments has already begun and a large majority already been sold. The completion of the housing complex is planned for the end of 2017.

For inquiries please contact Mr. Wolfgang Burkert, immofair GmbH

at the following numbers:

Tel.: +49 (0) 89/55 27 27 55 or +49 (0) 172/28 24 716

BayernImmo Projekt: Trudi 160
BayernImmo Projekt: Trudi 160 1
BayernImmo Projekt: Trudi 160 2
BayernImmo Projekt: Trudi 160 3
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Martin Berghofer

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