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Pandion first

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Pandion First /Cosmopolitan – Living and industry in Berlin

We have the privilege to accompany our longtime partner Pandion AG in another project.

The project PANDION FIRST / COSMOPOLITAN is being developed on one of the last buildable plot areas directly in the city center of Berlin. Especially appealing is the triangular plot layout with its distinguished rounded corner facing the street intersection. A building with 250 condominium units as well as a partial industry unit on the ground floor will be developed on this plot. The outer appearance is being designed by Léon Wohlhage Wernik architects and Höhne architects from Berlin. The project contains living space of around 20.000 m² and commercial space of around 600 m². The completion of the project is planned for December 2017.

Since 2002 Pandion AG is involved in the development, realization and distribution of valuable/ premium housing projects. The owner-managed real estate company develops properties in Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Munich and Berlin. In addition, PANDION AG also continuously extends its involvement in the light industrial area.


Pandion First-Cosmopolitan  (1)
Pandion First-Cosmopolitan  (2)
Pandion First-Cosmopolitan  (3)


Martin Berghofer

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