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Office and business property, Rathenauplatz 1, Frankfurt am Main

In 2001, a representative office and business property was erected on a 1,200 sqm plot in a top location of Frankfurt am Main – Rathenau-Platz on the corner of Kalbächer Straße (Fressgass) – in cooperation with an experienced investor.

“Rathenau Passage”, with around 5,700 sqm of high-quality office space meeting the state-of-the-art requirements, and 1,700 sqm of retail space, provides tenants with a first-class atmosphere close to the stock exchange and in a top retail location. Tenants include Nomura Bank, Zara Home and A.W. Faber Castell.

The property was successfully sold to a German real-estate fund at the end of 2011.

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