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Housing project Park27, Obermenzing

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Housing construction in Munich

In May 2014 the HM Verwaltungs GmbH and the BayernImmo have reached an agreement for the framework of a silent partnership agreement for several residential housing construction projects in Munich.
The first two collaborative projects are located in the neighborhoods of Berg am Laim and Westend, and were both completed by the end of 2016.

Housing complex in Berg am Laim:
By the end of 2016 the construction of the housing complex in Berg am Laim was completed. The 22 apartments of this collaborative project have been completely sold and turned over to their new owners.

Housing complex in Westend:
The housing complex in Westend has been successfully completed in September 2015.

Housing complex Park27, in Obermenzing:
Another project we are currently working in collaboration with HM Verwaltungs GmbH on, is the construction of a residential housing complex with exclusive condominiums plus a single-family house in the neighborhood of Obermenzing. The distribution has begun and the majority of the condominiums already been sold.
The construction is in progress and the structural work will start this year. The completion of the housing complex is planned for mid-2018.


Housing project Berg am Laim 1
Housing project am Laim 2
Housing project Berg am Laim 3
Housing project Park27, Obermenzing 1
Housing project Park27, Obermenzing 2
Housing project Park27, Obermenzing 3
Housing project Park27, Obermenzing 4